After the disastrous Stanley Cup riots, the Downtown Vancouver BIA
asked Spring to create a print ad to renew trust in the downtown core.
With no time and no budget, we met with the client, concepted, and
went to print within a matter of hours. I designed & typset the ad in
the morning, and we sent it to the Province, 24h, and the Metro
to be printed that afternoon for the following day’s editions.
We wanted to give people a flexible way
to display their pride in our
city, and to force them to interact with
the ad in a physical way by
cutting it out. This project was a real learning experience

for me both in terms of how fast real-world projects can move, and
how an idea has the power to grow and evolve. The fact that the
stickers are still up almost a year later shows how a simple idea can
transcend its purpose and become a part of a cultural landscape.
I loved being able to help with this project, and was thrilled to use
the power of advertising in such a positive way.

Spring Advertising

Art Direction
James Filbry

Ben Hudson


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